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Newsletter November & December 2012


Administrator's Column

carla june12

Jen Weiss has decided to retire and be a full time Mommy to her three little ones.  Although we
will miss Jen we are happy that she is able to take this direction in her life.  I would like to
give my thanks to Jen for her many years of service to the MNRCteam. 


I would like to introduce my new Administrative Assis­tant, Jennifer Twitty of Witt.  Please stop by the front office and introduce yourself.  We look forward to working with Jennifer and getting to know her.  Please be aware that there is a safe in the facility where valuable items can be locked up.

Residents have daily access to this safe and we recommend that any valuable item be kept secure inside.  Cooler weather is just around the comer. 


Please bring in fall/winter clothing and sweaters to keep your loved one warm and cozy.  Please make sure each piece of clothing is marked with permanent marker.  We have another new member of the MNRC Team.  Zoey is our new Shih Tzu Puppy and the residents just love her. There is never a problem finding someone to snuggle with her, play with her, receive puppy kisses from her or to take her for a walk.


God Bless, Carla
Carla Vonder Haar


Social Service Column

Hello Everyone,

Well, Fall is upon us! I guess we all know what follows...Ugh!! Please, if your loved ones closets are full, please try and take out the summer  clothes to make room for fall/winter  clothes.  If  you buy new please make sure their name is in it and have the C.N.A. mark it on their inventory  sheet.


With Christmas  just around  the corner and hard to buy for gifts are needed.  Some good ideas are beauty salon gift certificates and also body wraps.  Body wraps are similar to the snuggies but they are made here in town, perfect for wheel chair residents  and the most important thing... they have pockets!  If interested let me know.  They are $20.00.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving  and a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


Stay Cool & Many Blessings,


Welcome To Our Home!

Rilla Gage, Herb Heck, Elsie Kahl, Leola Lange, Frederick Long, Earl Meyer, Ruby Pulley, Ivan Reener, Elizabeth Riddle, Marie Terneus, Mildred
Thompson, Darrell Traylor, Nanette Umek, Dorothy Vollentine, Mary Jane White



Vera Home has been chosen as the resident of the month at Montgomery  Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for July.  Mrs. Homa has been a resident here since October of last year. She and her late hus­ band Duke are the parents of three:  Mary Cummins,  Denise Alexander,  and Lenny Homa.  She has six grandchildren  and nine great-grandchildren.  Vera is an avid bingo player and enjoys outings with her family.  She likes to read and is a Cardinal fan and a Rams fan.  Vera says she enjoys life at the Home with Heart and has made many friends while being here. She has reconciled with two schoolmates who also reside here!  Vera used to work here in Activities and Medical Records.  She graduated from Hillsboro High School and is looking forward to her 651 reunion.


Vera says "I really enjoy my family and friends."

Colleen Benny has been chosen as resident of the month for August 2012. Mrs. Benny has been a resident here at MNRC since December of2007. She was married to Stanley for 52 years until his passing in 1999. Stanley and Colleen became the parents of two children, Harold Benny of Hillsbo­ro and Pat Boehler of Tamaroa, Illinois.  Colleen enjoys life here at "The Home With Heart" watching morning talk shows in her room and
spending time in the front gathering room watching the birds in the aviary and listening to music on the CD player.  She likes to attend church services and other morning activities that are offered.  In the afternoon sometimes  she joins the Bingo game.  We are happy to take care of Mrs.
Benny!  Steve Baker has been chosen as the September  resident of the month at Montgomery Nursing and Rehabilitation  Center.  Steve was born in East St. Louis and lived in Irving to the age of eight years, then returned after retiring.  Steve has a brother and nieces and nephew in the
area and a sister in Northern Illinois.   Always close by is Steve's wife, Julia of 41 years.  Of course Steve's passion growing up and onward was magic and escape which he turned into a career spanning 57 years and ongoing to this day.  Steve loved dancing, fishing, and playing cards, but
most of all he loved entertaining  people.  Because Steve is now the Elder Statesman of Magic- Up and coming young magicians call on Steve for advice.  Steve loves to watch movies with one of his beloved cats, Lovey, Jinks or Grissum in his lap- and he is a big Cardinal Fan!

Steve has traveled around the world and all across the U.S.A.  Steve created what he calls the "Super Es­ capes", dangerous,  exciting and always a challenge.   Now, at the age of 74 Steve is facing his greatest chal­ lenge ever, healing from a back injury working hard in rehab to regain
his strength, adapting to being on oxy­ gen all the time, none of it is easy for a man of adventure.   That's  why he's so grateful for MNRC.  Everyone has worked so hard to help him heal, get stronger and has given him hope of returning home to his wife and beloved cats.  We at The Home with Heart enjoy listening to Steve and his wife tell us stories of their exciting life together!  Congratulations Steve on being chosen!                                                         ·


Laura Huber & Zoey



Read About Montgomery's Latest Awards for Staff & Residents


We have the latest winners for posted


 Activity Department News!


Hello from the Activity Department.  Where has the time gone? It seems like we just started the year and now Autumn is here.  The residents have kept busy this summer enjoying homemade ice cream and watermelon on the patio, spending
leisure time with family and friends, reminiscing of things in the past, doing crafts, and enjoying special entertainment
most weeks, as well as going out for rides to name a few.  The Shopping Cart will be at the facility on October 11th, so if your loved ones are needing new clothes come and assist them or let staff know you want something for them.  If your loved one is missing an item please visit the laundry department and ask about it.
We are looking forward to the upcoming events beginning with "Dalena Ditto" from Branson Missouri.  She will be play­ ing for The Senior show at the high school on October 28th. If you would like to join your loved one and attend, let the Activity Staff know and we will take care of the rest.  From past experience you will have a great time.
Your loved ones are waiting with anticipation for our Halloween Party, but especially for the evening when the little angels or goblins of the community will grace us with their presence.
We will be scheduling Dollar General in November to be here so residents can buy for loved ones.  "The Angel Tree" will be on display at Dollar General towards the end of November.
We will be eagerly anticipating the Veterans party, and the Holiday Dinners at the KC hall, and the Senior Center Dinner in December.  The Christmas Party will be on December 24th with (Elvis) Steve Davis.  Please limit the amount of items in the activity room refrigerator so others have room for their items too. I want to remind you to put a name and date on refrigerated items.  I want to say I appreciate all the help I have been given from my Activity Assistants Alicia Geninatti, and Georgia Gunn, along with all staff that assist bringing residents to the activity


Thank You!
God Bless,
Pam Jones, Activity Director


Welcome To Our Home:

Robert Cress, Kenneth Hall, William Steiner, Jeanette Trost and Betty White


Best Wishes To:

Mary Frances Benning

Catherine Boas

Doris & Jack Fox

Ada Hunter

Janice Odea

Bernetta Spaeth

Jeanette Trost

Jeannie Whitlock






16- Ludmilla  Rupert
23- Mark List
26- Dorothy  Glunz
29- Hazel Young



1- Ruby Pulley
3- Carol Lee
6- Frank White
7- Bernard  Glassmeyer
7- Louise Singler
11- Anna Mae Moore
11- Doris Traylor
26- Viola Fellers



Our lives as caregivers have been blessed for having been given the opportunity to know, love and care for each of the residents we serve.· It is with heartfelt sympathy that we extend our support to their families and friends.


When I must leave you, When I must leave you for a little while Please do not grieve and shed wild tears, and hug your sorrow to you through the years

But start out bravely with gallant smile, and for my sake and in my name, live on and o all the things the same, feed not your loneliness on empty days, but fill each waking hour in useful ways Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer, and I in turn will comfort you and hold you near, And never, never be afraid to die, for I am waiting for you in the sky!


In Memory Of:

Clyde Brummet, Mildred Clotfelter, Julia Flowers, Mildred Holshouser, Pauline Ott, Marie Slepicka, Betty White



In Memory of Cindi Paden | In loving memory of our Activity Director, Cindi Paden Forever in our Hearts

Cindi Paden

In Memory of Cindi Paden | In loving memory of our Activity Director, Cindi Paden Forever in our HeartsCindi PadenJune 1, 1963-July 5, 2010

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