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NW Rehab was established in 1999 to provide quality Physical, Occupational and Speech/Language therapy to our residents.· These therapies are also referred as PT, OT and ST and are offered as services to the residents at all of our skilled nursing facilities operated by Wellington Management as well as outside locations.

From an initial staff of 8 full-time therapists, NW Rehab has grown to a full service rehabilitation staff of well over 30 trained and certified therapists.· Our staff provides services at·5 skilled nursing facilities, 2 area hospitals and 2 county home health agencies.

The cornerstone of NW Rehab's operating philosophy has always been based on the belief that the "one-on-one" interaction between therapist and patient offers the optimal outcome for the rehabilitation client.· We employ our own staff and this philosophy enables us to deliver consistent care with the same therapist and patient continually working together.

Our single-minded goal of helping our patients achieve their highest level of function, whether to return home or reside in a nursing facility, the patients deserve our very best.Illini Medical Assoc. logo

It is with this high standard in mind that NW Rehab is always striving to 'help our patients reach for the stars.'



Proud to be associated with Illini Medical Association

NWRehab believes...in continuity of care. 


We employ our own staff... Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists.
This philosophy enables us to deliver consistent care with the same therapists and patient working together on a daily basis.
The opportunity of the "one on one" interaction between therapist and patient creates a better environment for recovery.