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All patients take advantage of the rehabilitation services we offer.· These may be patients in the Long Term Care facilities or those that are seen on an out-patient basis.  The·result of our effective Physical, Occupational and Speech/Language Rehabilitation is the direct relation to the "one-on-one" experience administered by our compassionate and professional team of therapists.

We strive to maximize the functional ability of·the patient within the constraints of their capacity.· Personalized programs are developed taking into account general health, endurance and cognitive ability. While we cannot always restore a patient to full function, we can improve their mobility and capacity for self-care.· This is a tremendous benefit in terms of increased self-esteem and quality of life.

NW Rehab inspires families to take an active role in the process of a loved one.· We believe in a strong education and support system which helps family members adapt to the needs of a loved one in the success of rehabilitation therapy.· In understanding the nature of a disability and the goals of an individual's treatment program, families can be valuable.· In motivating their loved ones toward success through the rehabilitation process assures the highest quality of treatment. We regularly monitor and examine our patient's therapy needs, emphasizing quality outcomes.


(Photo: In-Patient Therapy Room at Westwood Hills Healthcare)

(Photo: Out-Patient Therapy Room at Westwood Hills Healthcare)


Services include - In Patient and Out Patient for all Therapies

Physical Therapy *  Occupational Therapy *  Speech & Language Pathology


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