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Your reports will be held in total confidence and are secure. If you feel the need to report a HIPAA violation, all reports are sent directly to the compliance officer.
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When choosing a long-term care·facility for you or your loved one it is important to know as much information as possible about the staff, quality of care, and health grades for that facility.

We are proud of our service and record and strive everyday to improve and make our home truly the home with heart.

Star Rating by Medicare

Only 3 out of 10 nursing homes in each state receive a 5 Star Rating.· The top 30% of the nursing homes in the state are awarded 5 Stars while the worst 30% of the nursing homes in the state receive 1 Star Rating.· The middle 40% of nursing homes receive 3 Star.· Nursing homes that are not rated are either (1) Medicare only, hospital based facilities, (2) nursing homes with only one state inspection or (3) nursing homes with out-of-date information.

Understanding A State Inspection

Each state is responsible for inspecting nursing homes every 9 to 15 months for license renewal.· These inspections are unannounced and are public information.· The inspections assess compliance with standards of patient care such as staffing, quality of care and cleanliness and the 150 different standards of care set by the Federal government.· Non-compliance of standards results in a deficiency (violation).

Each violation is assessed by the state inspectors and is classified by how many residents were affected and how severely they were impacted.· There are alphabetical characters to describe the severity of the assessment.


Jerseyville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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Montgomery Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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Pillars of North County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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Westwood Hills Healthcare·& Rehabilitation Center

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