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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may have. It is important for you to list out any questions you have that are not here and communicate with our admissions department for you or your loved one. Our goal is to make sure you are educated, comfortable and happy.



  • Is the outside and inside of the facility clean? Pleasant and attractive and are the grounds cared for?
  • Are there outside areas set aside for sitting or walking in good weather?
  • Are residents encouraged to go outside for fresh air and sunshine?
  • Is there a comfortable communal living space or common area where residents can entertain visitors, read, chat, relax or watch TV?
  • Is an area provided for residents to use a telephone in privacy or have a private visit or meal with family or friends?


  • Does the facility have an active quality assurance program that identifies improvement opportunities and addresses systems to correct concerns?
  • How did the facility fare in it's most recent state/federal survey? Ask for a copy of the survey and an explanation of items you may not understand, this is public information and available for your review.
  • Does the facility quality assurance and assessment program feature regular visits by qualified health care professionals, including the Medical Director and Consultants such as Pharmacists, Nurses and Specialists?


  • Inquire about how teh facility would ensure good treatment for your relative's specific condition.· For example, does he/she have Alzheimer's disease and what therapies and services are provided for this?
  • Are there specialized rehabilitation and restorative programs (e.g. physical, occupational, speech, therapies)?
  • Are therapy rooms well equipped? Are the people conducting these sessions specially trained?
  • What kinds of activities are offered? Do they cover a range of interests and abilities? Do you see residents in activities?


  • Does the facility emphasize employee training?
  • Is there a special training for certified nursing assistants?
  • How does the facility management team motivate the staff to provide quality care? Is there a team approach?
  • How do residents, families, and staff get involved in the decision making?


  • How does the facility assure regular medical attention? Is there a physician on call in case of an emergency?
  • Who is the facility Medical Director? Is he/she a member of the American Medical Director's Association?
  • How often does he/she visit the facility? Is he/she knowledgeable about geriatrics?
  • Will the resident's personal physician be kept informed of the resident's condition?
  • Is the family involved in the resident care planning process?
  • Is emergency transportation readily available?


  • Does the staff seem friendly and caring? Do they appear to enjoy their work?
  • Do they address residents by name?
  • Are there any signs (plaques, awards, employee recognition) in the facility that has emphasis on outstanding care?
  • Is the home clean and comfortable? Well lit and free of unpleasant odors?
  • Are resident's out of bed, dressed and groomed? Does the staff seem to treat them with interest, affection and respect?
  • Are nurse call signals answered promptly? Are there any residents using devices that may be considered a restraint?
  • Ask why? Is there a designated area where residents who smoke may do so?


  • Ask for copy of the "Resident's Bill of Rights" and discuss it with the Administrator and your family before admission.
  • Were all your concerns and questions answered?
  • Do staff show respect by knocking on resident's doors before entering?
  • Does each room have a window and access to the hall? Does each room have a reading light, a nurse call system and a comfortable chair for each resident?
  • Is the temperature pleasant? Is there drapery for each room/bed to provide privacy?
  • Are personal possessions (special chair, television, pictures, etc.) permitted?
  • Are toilets and bathrooms clean and adequate? Are they accessible to the handicapped?
  • Is there a nurse call system in the bathroom?
  • How are roommates matched? What opportunities for privacy are available?
  • May a husband and wife live together?


  • Does the facility seem safe? Are exits clearly marked and unobstructed with exit doors unlocked from the inside?
  • Does the home have an emergency or disaster plan? Are fire drills conducted regularly?
  • Are evacuation plans posted?
  • How are resident's personal items protected from breakage or theft? How are they stored, maintained and accounted for?


  • While few meals can compare with home cooking, do the facilities meals look tasty and nutritious? Are warm meals served warm?
  • Is plenty of time allowed for each meal? Is there a set menu, ask for a copy.
  • Is there a trained Dietitian available for the staff to consult for special dietary needs? Is the dietary manager trained and qualified?
  • Do those needing help with their meals get it? Can arrangements be made for special diets?
  • What provisions are made for bed-ridden residents?
  • Is there appropriate access to drinks and snacks between meal times?
  • Ask to see the kitchen and does it look clean and organized?


  • Is there a resident council and a family council? How often do they meet?
  • What arrangements are made for residents to worship?
  • Are residents encouraged to participate in community affairs?
  • Is there a volunteer program? Is there an activities director? Does this person have special training for this job?
  • Are group activities designed to encourage socializing? Are activities optional? Do volunteers assist in activities?
  • Is there ample staff, space and equipment? How often are residents provided with the opportunity to leave the facility for trips or facility outings?
  • How will the facility help a new resident adjust to facility life? How will they help the new family adjust?
  • Are visiting hours convenient and flexible? Does the facility allow for open visitation hours?


  • Inquire about what forms of public support are available and how one qualifies. Does the facility accept payments from private insurance companies? How is this handled?
  • Ask for a copy of the Admission Agreement contract and billing information to review before you sign. Get a list of the services included in the basic daily or monthly rate.
  • Are there charges added for level of care or high acuity needs?
  • How are cash and assets entrusted to the facility and how is it protected? Are withdrawals noted by signed receipt to enable residents to keep track of their accounts?
  • If the resident leaves the facility are advance payments returned?


    Visit the facilities in your area as often as possible before making a final decision.· Since meals are one of the most important parts of the day for a nursing facility resident, you should time your visits to correspond with a meal.· It is important to visit on weekends and weekdays.· Ask questions of the staff in each facility when you visit.· Try and get to know the staff and look for opportunities to chat with residents and their families as well.

    Most Administrators will welcome the opportunity to discuss their facility and will do whatever they can to answer all your questions as well as address any concern you may have.


    Make sure to also study the Helpful Hints section of this website.


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