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Nursing Home Compare includes information·on nursing homes·that are·Medicare or Medicaid certified.· This section will show and explain the data when a nursing home receives·the regulartory requirements·that are put together in an inspection report.· A detailed inspection report (HCFA-2567) contains the specific findings that support the State's determination that requirements were not met.· A full report can be 100 pages in length, and a full report can have findings and a corresponding plan of correction to address deficiencies.

Each nursing home provideds Meidcare or Medicaid services to make the results of the last full inspection available onsite for public review.···Wellington Management is happy to educate and share with you the findings for our facilities as we strive each and everytime for a clean bill of inspection.· We work very hard to make sure we have ZERO deficiencies and that our standards meet the inspection and identify our outstanding care.

The Medicare Compare website also contains helpful information such as the explanation of the Compare, Quality Measures, Inspections, Staffing and Coverage.· There is an area that explains the data collected such as Long-Stay Measures and Short-Stay Measures.· There is also a tab for Resources that explains Publications, State Websites, Alternatives and Resident's Rights.

In order to access the Medicare Compare section, please connect through our link and simply do the following to research one of our facilities in your area.

Directions To Use The Compare:

Click on the Find and Compare Nursing Homes

Choose the 2nd Choice·> Find a Nursing Home within a certain distance of a ZIP Code

Enter the ZIP Code for the Home

For·Distance select ("In This City/Zip") and click Continue

········· Nursing Home Compare

Jerseyville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Please Enter Zip Code: 62052

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Montgomery Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Please Enter Zip Code: 62049

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The Pillars of North County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center·

Please Enter Zip Code: 63033

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Westwood Hills Nursing & Rehabilitation Center·

Please Enter Zip Code: 63901

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