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·January 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope that 2015 is a healthy and prosperous one for you, your family and friends.
We would like to thank all the families, friends, staff and residents for all the help and donations through the Christmas season. It was definitely an exciting and enjoyable season.

We would like to welcome all our new admissions to our facility.
We want to congratulate all of the successful discharges back home, we will miss you. 

January Birthdays & Anniversary’s
We wish all the residents with a January Birthday and a wedding Anniversary a Happy One!


Reminder: Please assist your loved ones in packing away their Christmas decorations & making sure their new items have their names on them

National Activity Professionals week
January 18-26

Activities here at JNRC include a variety of types and choices. The activity staff tries to accommodate everyone from pet owners, the entrepreneur’s business person to family orientated fun.  Meet our staff Cindy Bloodworth, Activity Director, Frances Allen Full time Activity Assistant and Alice Edmiston, Part time assistant.  We invite all of you to attend our scheduled activities and to share any special talents with us.


> Here’s to the days of good will, cold weather, and warm hearts.
> In the New Year, may your right hand be stretched out in friendship, never in want.
> A New Year’s toast, to love, laughter and happily ever after.
> A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. 
> Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year, everybody!

Happy New Year!

Who do you call when something ain’t working?
Who do you call when the thing-a-ma-jig gets broke?
Who is the one whose work he aint’ shirkin?
The Maintenance Man

Who do you call when somethin’ needs movin?
Who do you call when the plumbin’ backs up?
He’s the one who does the improvin’.
The Maintenance Man.

Who do you call when the alarm won’t stop blaring?
Who do you call when the chair needs fixin?
Who do you call when the machine needs repairin’?
The Maintenance Man

On call both day and night with duct tape and sledgehammer-
He’ll fix it up right He’s the Maintenance Man!

January 21st is National Maintenance Day
Meet our Maintenance Men:  Bud Needler

Our Hearts, thoughts & prayers are with the families of those that have passed. 

Meet our Employee of the Month Samy Robertson.  Samy is a Certified Nursing Assistant.  She has been an employee here since 2010.  Samy was born in 1990 in Jerseyville She was raised and graduated from Jerseyville. Samy is married and has a 3 year old daughter Brooklynn.  Samy enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.  Samy states she likes working here and the relationship she builds with the residents. They become like family and they state I become there family.  The residents stated that Samy is always nice.

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